Her Life Too Had Been Filled With Difficulties

I received my key at a special speaker engagement for Dr. Edith Enger, a Holocaust Survivor.

Her talk was about survival and how at 87 she was still actively practicing psychiatry while also serving our country treating soldiers with PTSD. I was drawn to her talk for several reasons. The first is I am Jewish and had known relatives that did survive the camps. I also had others that did not.

The last two years have been especially difficult . My 16 year old son had struggled with drugs and was going down a dangerous path. His father and I made the very difficult decision to have him removed from our home and sent to a Wilderness program. I also have been in three jobs over the last year and am currently unemployed.

I recently reconnected with an old friend who had been my maid of honor at my wedding. We had a falling out 12 years ago and hadn't spoken to her since. I did notice some postings though on her Facebook Page, about teenage suicide, depression and the failing of our mental health system in this country.

I decided during Thanksgiving to reconnect . I learned that her life too had been filled with difficulties. Her ex husband had committed suicide, and then her teenage daughter a year later the same day he had died. Over Christmas her daughter again tried to commit suicide. My friend suffers from her own form of PTSD, not working and on disability.

When I got this key I knew my friend Mary needed it and sent it with a small note that told her she was not alone. She called me right after getting it and told her it was one of the best gifts she ever received.

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