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Then I Thought About God.....

My husband got me a key that said courage for my birthday. It came in 2 weeks before my actual birthday so he went ahead and gave it to me. I instantly told him I wanted another one because if I gave mine away then I would want one for myself. He told me if I didn't have anything that was worth something to me then why would it be worth anything to give away. I thought about that long and hard. It would be easy for me to give away something that I had 2 of. If it's the only one I have it means so much more. Then I thought about God, when he sent his ONLY son to die for us. It meant something to him. It was worth something to him. He gave that for us so that we could be saved. Wow, that's amazing to think about. So on my actual birthday, which is today, I gave one of my best friends my courage key. She is 20 weeks pregnant and has a 3 year old. It's hard being a mom of two little ones. I would know! I have a 10 week old and a 18 month old. As a mom you need courage every day to face the challenges that come your way. I love the idea of the giving key and will cherish the moment I gave my key away forever!

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