Anything For Mom

The day I received my "Giving Key" was on Christmas Eve of 2014 from my mother. She had randomly found this at a boutique shop and thought it would be great for me to start it's chain reminding it's next recipient to be FEARLESS. It was that same day that I received a phone call from my best friend. Hearing the terror in her voice between gasps and tears was difficult. A 25 year old school teacher, home for the holidays, found her mother face down on the ground, pulseless. Although with no medical background, her instincts came in full force, called 911 and began CPR, on her own mother. Through a long and painful ICU stay in the hospital, her mother was finally released in good condition after her massive heart attack. Actually today, she has been cleared to drive, no longer in cardiac rehab, and living a life much like she was before. Unfortunately the the events that occurred that day have not been so easy to brush off for my friend. Sleeping only 2-3 hours a night, waking up from night terrors, constantly envisioning her mother's last gasping breath. She is suffering from PTSD. She has been through a constant shower of love, is seeking help herself through psychotropic medication and therapy, but I feel that giving her this key will provide her the everyday reminder that she is FEARLESS.