She Really Needs It Right Now

I got this key from my mother-in-law as for when I take on a new career as a nurse. I have only had the key for a few months, but I realized that someone needed it more than I did. A friend of mine is engaged to be married this year, which is exciting! However, just after this past Christmas, her dad was diagnosed with incurable cancer, along with his kidney transplant failing. He is very sick, and keeps telling her to bump up the wedding. We are not sure how long he has, but she is an only child, and is trying so hard to be strong for everyone in her family. This key of strength is something I feel she really needs right now as she is going through this hard time.
She is such a beautiful person, inside and out, and her and her family all deserve the best out of life. I hope this key of strength helps her through her darkest days.