She Probably Wouldn't Recognize Me

My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's one year after my father passed away. Over the next eight years, I watched this woman of faith grow weaker and weaker. Thanksgiving of 2014 I realized that the dementia had taken hold of my mother and she probably wouldn't recognize me ever again. My Mom was my best friend, my spiritual director, my rock. The following week I went back to visit Mom for a couple of days. Spent a lot of time with her but no sign that she knew who I was. On that trip my best friend gave me a BREATHE NECKLACE. That day was Dec. 4th 2014, my mother passed away 12 days later. I was blessed to be at her side when she took her last breath.

A friend lost her mother in the spring of 2014 to cancer, on Feb. 28,2015 she lost the man who raised her as his own. He was buried today, tomorrow I will pass on the necklace to her with a prayer that it brings her comfort as it did for me.