I met my best friend Jenny Center about 4 years ago,and we quickly became great friends and eventually more like family. Between her and I renovating her suite because I couldn't afford to pay my bills on my own anymore, while the boyfriend of mine was battling his own demons, to her picking up my dog and cleaning, we're talking detail shop cleaning the inside of my jeep while I was in the hospital giving birth to my son. Jenny and I have always gone above and beyond for each other and last year when I decided to make a huge move to be with my now husband and child's father I had to say goodbye to my best friends, family, basically everything I knew. It broke my heart. Well Jenny had told me she was always on the shy side and afraid to walk into new situations alone, this past week she told me she signed up for classes to get her high school diploma, something she gave up a long time ago. Since I m not there to cheer her on, or help her study I know by sending her the COURAGE Key she'll know I m always in her corner and she is braver than she thinks. I miss my friends terribly but I'm learning to be ok on my own and make new friends. But as an adult it's often a very difficult thing to do.