I Could Only Imagine The Fear

LET GO. I stumbled upon The Giving Key one weekend when I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and really loved the idea of the keys so I looked up the website and instantly knew I needed to purchase a key. I didn't know for who, but I knew at some point I'd figure it out. I purchased the one that said "Let Go" since I suffer from severe anxiety and knew it would remind me to let go of the fear and anxiety. A week after I received my key in the mail, I reconnected with an old friend who was always someone I looked up to and adored in younger years. I then found out she was going to have surgery to remove blood clots in her lungs. I knew she had chronic blood clotting but never understood the severity of it till then. And I could only imagine the fear and anxiety she must have been feeling and I knew instantly who the key would be passed on to. Today, her family threw a "good luck" type party and I attended with the key in my pocket. I gave it to her right before I left and she thanked me for it, but I did not see the effect it left on her till this evening when she blogged about it and how at first she thought it meant to let go of her dreams of her old life before her disease, but as she thought and studied the key, she realized it was more than that, that it was to let go of the anger and bitterness and felt about having to give up some dreams and have a surgery she doesn't want. The key will be a constant reminder to her to let go of the hardest stuff in life and to move forward with the life she was given. Time to let go.