I Felt Like I Blew It

I met Martha in Dunkin Donuts. She was behind the counter and greeted me with a big smile. Martha noticed my key and inquired where I had gotten it. I shared that my sweet daughter in law gave it to me. Joy has encouraged me with my faith journey and at Xmas gave me and several others keys; mine being faith. She mentioned that she needed to focus on her faith more , especially since she was being tested for multiple myeloma. She felt good, but more tests were coming. I told her about the key project and paying forward. It started to get busy and I left. As I drove off, there was a tugging at my heart. I felt my friend Elaine's spirit saying you should have given Martha your key. Elaine, one of my dearest friends had died last summer from multiple myeloma. When I arrived at my friend's house, I shared my story. My plan was to stop at Dunkins on my way home. When I did, her co-worker told me that it was Martha's last day. I felt like I blew it. Her fellow worker took my name and number and when I arrived home, Martha texted me. I told her that I wanted to give her my key. She told me that she felt special and was happy that she met me. I found out that she is a mom . My only request was that she let me know how she is doing. Furthermore, I would put her on my prayer list. We made arrangements to pass on the key. She took my address and said that she would send me a gift of love made with her two hands. I am a crafter and writer and told her that I was thrilled. I can't wait to tell Joy about my key and hope to get another one soon.