A Sisters Strength

I was shopping for the perfect birthday gift for my older sister when I came across a quaint antique-like store. As I walked through the store I immediately was drawn to The Giving Key display. The keys were rustic and beautiful, but most importantly meaningful. I love all the times that we have experienced together such as playing as kids, family vacations, rough teenage years, becoming wives, and the most special becoming mothers. We have learned together and still learning how much strength, patience, and courage it takes to me moms and I would want to experience all of it with no one other then my sister. She is gorgeous, smart, intellectual, loving, caring, loyal, and honest. From medical issues, raising a son, being married to trying to enjoy life, see the world, and support her friends and family, she pulls through no matter what. She is an inspiration to me and someone that I call when I need advice and her opinion no matter what the topic.

I picked the necklace with the key that said strength, because I want her to hang it on the wall, put it on a nightstand, or where it around her neck to feel strong. It will be a perfect reminder for her when times get unbelievably difficult to take a step back touch it, hold it, or simply look at it and remember how strong, powerful, and amazing she truly is. I adore my sister and strive to make decisions in my life that I know she would be proud of.

I typically buy her clothes, books, nail polish, or a picture of myself in a ziploc bag (because i can't afford a frame) for her birthday, but this year I felt in my heart to get her something more meaningful and a gift that will last forever. One day she will come across someone that needs it more then her and I hope it will touch their life like it has touched mine to give it to her. Happy Birthday! I love you very much and want you to always feel strong and amazing!