"Stay True"

I just got out of a horrible relationship that was verbally and physically abusive. The relationship took so much from me including my happiness that has never left my soul but he had some way of taking it all away. After I left him I came across your site and your mission statement, it was perfect for what I was going through. I got the words " stay true" to remind myself that I had to stay true to myself and not go back and definitely never let that abuse happen again. I became even stronger than I was prior to him and I'm even stronger now. I met a really great guy who couldn't make me any happier. So my healing happened and I was ready to give my necklace to someone who needed more than me. One of my friends is going through a very hard time in her 7 year relationship with here boyfriend. She is really down and feels like its all falling apart. I gave her my " stay true" so she could stay true to her love for him and make it work through the hard times together. She was there for me through the break up and the abuse so when I gave her my " key" she knew how much it meant and symbolized.