Strength For Her Loss

My kids gave me a Giving Key bracelet for Christmas this past year. It had the word Strength on it. They wanted to give me something that represented my battle with breast cancer the past 2 years. Strength was what got me through it. I had to have the strength to fight in order to stay alive for my kids and my family. Just this past week my daughter lost a friend in a tragic accident. He was on his way to see her when he was hit by a car. I had never met his mother until today at the memorial service. I cannot even imagine the pain that she was going thru. I gave her my key in hopes that she can have the strength to get through such a tragic loss of her beautiful son and one day be able to pass the key to someone else who now needs it more. I know the loss of a child is something you can never get over but I hope that one day she will be able to pass her strength on to someone else.