We Had The Best Team Of Doctors


I received my Giving Key from a colleague after my husband and I lost our first child on Christmas Eve. Our daughter, Emily Noelle, was born by C-section at 30 weeks because of a serious heart defect that was discovered a couple days earlier. We had the best team of doctors trying to fix her heart and she fought so hard, but there were too many complications for her to survive. Our baby girl passed away in our arms that same afternoon.

I received my Giving Key from a colleague who reminded me of the message of Hope and Faith. Our experience was absolutely heartbreaking and we are still regaining our strength, but it is through the subtle reminders of Hope and Faith and the comfort of family and friends that we are able to find peace.

A friend of mine delivered a baby girl just a few days after our Emily was born. Their daughter, completely unexpectedly, was recently diagnosed with a serious liver disease. She has already undergone major surgery and will eventually need a liver transplant. They will spend the next couple of months waiting anxiously to find out the success of the surgery and the prognosis moving forward. As I pass my key along, I pray that their family can hold onto the message of Faith and Hope during this difficult time.