We Both Received The News We Had Been Praying For


Schools are joyful and safe places, filled with laughter and the buzz of students learning. Our school, New Way Academy, is the epitome of everything happy. I am certainly biased as a school leader, but I doubt you'd find many that would disagree.

Happiness, however, has been hard to come by for Ms. Weiskopf during these past few months. After a series of health concerns, Marilyn visited a doctor for a check-up. They did some blood work and ran a few tests, and she left knowing her white blood cell count was high. No big deal...until she got a surprise letter in the mail from a local cancer center. They were reaching out to schedule her next appointment.

The journey that Marilyn went on for the next several weeks was beyond daunting. She continued to be poked and prodded, as time stood still waiting for answers. I am certain that time was standing still -- very still. During these same weeks, I was recovering from a seizure and was undergoing my own battery of tests. An MRI, CT Scan, EEG...and then waiting. And more waiting.

Marilyn and I shared a few brief conversations during this time, but more often we just smiled and went about our business. Who wants to talk about the worst, when our minds had already gone there?

As we carried on during the longest weeks of our lives, I was continuously amazed at Marilyn's ability to manage her emotions while at school. With a never-ending pile of math assignments to grade, student questions to answer, and parent emails to respond to, no one would have ever known what she was battling.

Last week, we both received the news we had been praying for. All tests came back positive; Marilyn and I were both in the clear.

I've only had my necklace for a few short months, but I could not be more ready to pass it on to the one and only Ms. Weiskopf. The key I am gifting to her says "inspire" and she has done exactly that for me, and to all of us at New Way Academy.

PS: The photo attached is just one of many I have of Ms. Weiskopf, showing off her incredible school spirit. Go Bulldogs!