I Sent Her My Key

I bought myself a key because I had been having a stressful time in my life . I was so anxious that I felt I could not breathe some days. So I bought a key that said Breathe to remind me to slow down and mindfully be aware of the many things in life I have to be grateful for. I wore it for a few months.
Recently my youngest sister lost her youngest daughter to suicide. She left behind two small children who only had their mother to care for them.
My sister is devastated and told me that she has days where she can hardly breathe. Yes...I sent her my key to remind her that life goes on....even on days when it hurts to breathe. To remind her that every breath holds God's love....that every breath gives her another day to love the other two children and her grandchildren who love her. Another day to be grateful for the beauty that is given her through family and friends who love her as well. Just breathe baby sister.....