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I'm Putting My Key Back On

My husband Ken and I were in the audience at the Steve Harvey taping where Caitlin was a guest. Her story and purpose really touched us deeply. We hope Caitlin is wearing that beautiful, much deserved Harvey's Hero jacket proudly.

When we were at the show that day, we were trying to have a fun day with Steve because my husband's father passed away from cancer and was being buried the day after the show was taped. Ken's key said STRENGTH.....perfect timing and he wore it close to his heart the day of the funeral and we believe it helped. I have been through the ringer of some incredibly stressful jobs in which I left all sources of income and have been on the computer on a daily basis on job sites looking for a close to home or at home office well paying career. I have found nothing so far.

MY KEY says dream, I am going to put it back on and continuing praying that it happens for me as soon as possible because I am without an income and my husband has very unfortunately taken on the full load. We pray and thank God every day for our blessings and I continue to ask him to show me my career path of doing something incredibly rewarding but yet bring it a good income. Our only child's name is CHANCE, and when things are better, I would love to make him a real key that works with his meaningful name.


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