She Has Held on to the Necklace as a Reminder Of The Love She Deserves

I was given a key that said LOVE. I cherished it, but after I gave birth to my incredible daughter, I knew that I had experienced the purest love imaginable. Through parenthood, I met a sweet woman who owned a children's store. I was both a new mom, and new to the neighborhood, and she showed me such kindness and friendship and welcomed me into her circle since . At her baby shower for her second baby boy, I gifted her my key to help protect her with love during the birth of her baby.

I know she planned to pay the key forward after his birth. Little did we know, the key would represent another kind of love that she needed. Shortly after the birth of her son, my friend found out her husband had been unfaithful a number of times during her pregnancy. She was devastated, but had to remain strong to focus on her two sons. She has held on to the necklace as a reminder of the love she deserves. She is trying to repair her marriage and keep her young family intact, and I'm hopeful she is able to share the key soon so it can find a new form of love to represent.