I Wanted to Send Her Inspiration to Lift Her Face

I knew I need to send my sister something. Something that said, God is good all the time. Something that made her feel that it was ok to fall when she felt like she could no longer walk her path. I wanted to send her inspiration to lift her face and hands to heaven and ask for what she knows in her heart she wants.

My sister has struggled for 5 years with infertility. We always thought she would start a family before my other sister and I. My oldest sister's family is complete. I, the youngest sister, have started my family and have one daughter. Our hearts ache, knowing that raising a family is something my sisters and I always wanted to do together since we are all 2 years apart in age. I pray for my sister relentlessly, daily, and pray for understanding that we live the life we are given never doubting God's plan. She questions why this is happening, she focuses on work and adventures to keep her mind from stirring. She is so strong. 

I hope when she wears this FAITH key necklace, she will think of God's Mercy. That when she feels his work the least is when she needs him the most. I pray this reminds anyone that see's her wearing it to give God the glory for all things. I can't wait to see how she decides to give away her key when the time comes.

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