Savoring The Moment


I was gifted a key with the word Savor on it from Shauna Niequist as part of the release of her book by the same name. I wore it almost daily during a season where savoring was really meaningful to me. The job I had and the company I had been with for a very long time was no longer a good fit and I was really close to receiving an offer that would catapult me to the next level in my career. It's always interesting to know strongly that something is no longer for you but to also recognize there are some really beautiful pieces that still exist, some really wonderful people who have made a huge impact on my life.

During this same time period, my best friend welcomed her first child into the world. Talk about beauty! Not only is her little girl absolutely the sweetest thing you ever did see but watching my friend grow and evolve in her new role as a mother has been just remarkable.

I went to visit my friend and meet her baby the weekend before I gave my resignation to my former company. We were in oddly similar spots- I was approaching the end of 5 years of my career, she was quickly coming up on the end of her maternity leave- and while it felt easier to just get each of those things over with, we discussed how important it was to be in this weird place, to soak up the good and to recognize that some of the most special moments in life are also some of the most challenging.

In other words- it was time to savor.

I finished out my last week, meetings with beloved co-workers, typing emails of gratitude to people who mattered and held strong through some difficult conversations. 5pm on Friday hit and after a bottle of wine was uncorked (because priorities), I wrote my best friend a note on my favorite new stationary and lovingly tucked my Giving Key inside.

This week is her last week all day, every day with her baby and as difficult as that must be, I want her to savor it. And I want her to savor her first week back at work too. The sweet moments, the sour, I think it all can be savored and when you're in a season worth remembering, I think it's the best thing you can do.

I am so grateful for my Giving Key, this season I savored and a best friend to share it all with.

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