In The Midst Of It All

I met a woman in my kids school, that i felt so much in common with. We instantly became friends and we have now become more than friends but sisters. I suffer from anxiety attacks and at any time I can call her and she is there with a friendly and kind word. She has just shown up when i have felt the need to just be hugged and said "thought that you could use a hug." She suffers from extreme back pain and doesn't let that stop her just move on ahead. I have taken that courage of facing pain and have used it to motivate myself. We have talked so many times about her faith and right now she is on the verge of actually coming to service with me. I don't pressure her and she always tells me she appreciates that. I know that we were meant to meet for a reason. She has shown so much courage in her life that it has helped me discover courage in mine as well.