What Courage Is

I received a "Courage" key this year from MOPS Leadership through the Be You Bravely theme. I fell in love with every part of what this key means. I honestly figured I would keep it for myself because I wasn't sure I could part with something so awesome (and apparently I'm cheap and selfish). That was until my little 7yr old neighbor girl (who is a triplet) started coming over and has become a friend to my kids but also my little buddy. I have grown to adore her. She is diagnosed with Chiara Malformation, which is a rare condition that affects the brain. And today (5/8/14) she is having a second surgery to relive pressure off her spinal cord. If ever there was a moment that means to be of good courage...this is it, and I passed along my key of courage. Giving up my key is such trivial thing when this little 7 year old is braver than I could ever be. She has endured more doctors, needles and technical terms and still smiles and takes it all in stride. I know that beyond being brave and having courage this little one has big plans ahead of her. God is going to use this quite & gentle girl in mighty ways. He already has!