I Followed In Her Footsteps

I received the Inspire key from a colleague and friend because in our time together, she said I had been that for her-- an inspiration. It touched me deeply. I never thought I would "give away" the key so quickly, but you just kind of know when the time is right. A dear colleague of 25+ years is retiring-- and I followed in her footsteps not once but twice. She was my guide on the side, voice from the shadows, who nudged and nurtured me through both positions. She stayed a safe distance until she knew I stood on firm ground and then let me grow, let me fly. We work in a school system, and at one point in time, she received an honor from the community based on the book, "The Giving Tree." It seems only fitting that at this point in time, I pass on to her "The Giving Key." I love the lore behind the key and know that she will pass it on one day to someone who inspires her in what will be the next chapter of her life.