His Plan For Us

God works in some of the most awesome ways. I had stumbled upon the Giving Key site a few months ago and always debated getting a key or not. Well about a month ago I decided I would get one and it had the word Fatih on it. I got the key to remind myself to never give up on God and that His way is the best way. During my second year of college I met a best friend of mine in a math class ( I don't like math at all). Anyway since then she has always been such a faith inspiration to me and has helped me grow in my own faith in God. Lately she has been struggling a little bit with trusting in God and trusting in His plans for her. I had been praying about who I should give my key to and there were many people that crossed my mind. As soon  as I began feeling like I didn't really need to wear the key that often it was like God was telling me that it was time to give the key away. I had not seen my best friend in a long time and we finally got to hang out the other day and I gave her the key in hopes that it could serve as a daily reminder to never give up on God and to have faith in His plans.