Exhibiting Strength and Faith

I was given an INSPIRE key by a dear, dear friend who actually inspires me much more than I could ever inspire her. She has a demanding job, a teenager, two teen-age step sons, is active in her son's Boy Scout Troop, and serves on our Chamber of Commerce. Yet somehow, she manages to be fully present for everything in her life and validate whatever you are feeling. She sets a high standard, but I found someone who inspires me just as much. I am sending my key to a friend from high school, the mother of three small children (and we found out later, one on the way) who lost her husband in a tragic car accident last May. In a similar situation, I am not sure I could get out of bed in the mornings, yet Sarah does, exhibiting strength and faith of which I dream of being capable. She truly sees the grace of God around her every day, and I see the grace of God in her. I wish you all could meet her--she's awesome!