It Reminded Me of the Strength I Have

My youngest daughter and her husband are expecting twin girls in mid August, something they had hoped for over a year. We are all so very exciting with anticipation! Last week at their on appt. they found that one of our little Angels have passed, this has just rocked our family! I have been in so much pain seeing her suffer and also knowing I won't get to meet our little Angel till we meet in heaven! My sweet daughter must Carry her until the their other little sweetie is ready to be born at which time they will enjoy the birth of one little Angel while preparing to say goodbye to our other little Angel! She is now preparing their room for one while preparing to lay the other rest! One of my best friends had been given a key from her son for Mothers Day. She gave it to me this past weekend, hers said, HOPE, and that is what she gave me, with her gesture! It reminded me of the strength I have in the support of such wonderful friends, like her! I only had it a few days, and I knew that after a scare yesterday that sent my daughter to the hospital again, that she needed to feel that hope as well!