Jac and Jet - Friendship and Courage

I've been blessed in my life, I have loving parents and siblings, two children that I adore and I've had the privilege of calling many people my friends. My husband died when I was in my early thirties, overnight my life changed drastically. I was now a widow with two small children to raise. Although my heart was broken I knew that the three of us would be alright, I would make our lives positive, meaningful and we would build new memories although never forgetting our old ones. I have always refused to be unhappy and it has served me well. I knew this was possible because love is courageous and I had an incredible support group, I knew that my life and the life of my children had meaning and purpose.

Then, three years ago I had the privilege of meeting a very special friend whom I call my buddy she is like a sister to me. Our friendship developed quickly and easily, we have joked that we are 'paternal twins'. Although our personalities are very different we have core qualities that are very similar. Several months back she gave me the 'COURAGE' key because she admired the courageous things I had successfully endure in my life and last night I gave the key back to her, for courage is something she truly needs right now to endure her father's illness. She and her father have an incredible bond, it's truly beautiful to see that kind of father/daughter relationship and this may be her toughest challenge yet.

She has faced many difficult and heartbreaking things in her life but she is so incredibly resilient, positive and happy, people are drawn to her because those are qualities that many people long for but can't always achieve. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met and she has such a big generous heart. When she walks into a room people notice her, she has a beautiful happy smile and when she talks to you, you know that you matter. I've told her that she puts the color in our sometimes black and white lives.

She is also a wonderful writer and expresses herself so beautifully through her blogs, poems and articles so I thought it was my turn to write something for her. I have no doubt that courage will get her through this very difficult time in her life. I want her to know that I love her and that it's been a privilege having her in my life, I cherish our friendship............P double T buddy!

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