Love is what her father has given her

I am a teacher. I have taught many students and some come back to visit. With one particular family, I have taught two sisters. They are beautiful inside and out. We have stayed connected. Their little brother is at the school, so I see them from time to time.

Just recently, their father had a stroke, went into a coma and three days later he died. Of course, they are all devastated. The other day as I was meeting with my teammates, I got up to do something and as I turned around one of the sisters was standing there, big tears in her eyes. I just grabbed her and held her. She said that this would be the first time she will go (with her older sister) to visit her father's grave. I was wearing my love key necklace and all I could think of was to put it over her head and touch the key to her heart and tell her that LOVE is what her father has given her. We both cried and then she left. I loved my necklace and chuckled when I read about giving it away-"not this one-I love it too much" but it was so easy and the perfect time to pass it on.