Unmeasurable Strength

Focusing on the positives can become extremely difficult when life has thrown such tough obstacles your way. The one thing you always have to remember to do is believe.

For Connor Blanz, the words "I Believe" hold a higher value than what may appear on paper. They are the words that got him through the darkest of times throughout his courageous battle with cancer. They were the light at what seemed like a never ending tunnel. They were there to keep reminding him that better days were ahead.

As a celebratory gift marking Connor 5-years cancer free, I purchased him a necklace with the word "BELIEVE" inscribed. My hope is that he never stops believing. The key is always there to remind him to believe in himself, to believe in the unmeasurable strength he doesn't always realize he has, to believe that tomorrow is always worth fighting for, to believe he is worthy of all the wonderful things that have and will continue to come his way, and to believe he will always have the love of his girlfriend, family, and friends to carry with him through the good days and the bad.

The amount of pride I have in my heart, knowing where he came from and seeing where he is now, cannot even be put into words. The best is yet to come, Connor. I love you and I'll never stop believing in you.