Believe it is Enough

I just recently bought my first key to give away to my sister. It's going out in the mail today to be shipped to her at a recovery center where she is being treated for alcoholism. This is her 5th time going into recovery; her 3rd time for a 28 day program. The difference this time is that she is the one who initiated going versus me and my family and other loved ones talking her into it. The difference this time is that she has finally lost something valuable to her as a result of her drinking. She has been terminated from her job as a middle school special education science teacher .. a job that she excelled at, loved and was a beloved teacher.

My sister has said that she started drinking at age 14. She is two months away from turning 40. She has been told by countless doctors that she must stop drinking as the shape of her esophagus resembles that of a 70 year old alcoholic. Doctors warnings were not enough. Will losing her career be "the enough"? BELIEVE She will be facing so much hardship after these 28 days are over. No job. No paycheck. No insurance. Will she lose her home? Will she lose her dogs? BELIEVE Can she stop drinking? Will I lose my smart, creative, quirky, poetic, stubborn, silly sister to this awful disease? BELIEVE Will the sad, frustrating, scary, depressing situation of the last few years change for her, me, my mom, my family, her friends, her co-workers and end with a happy ending?

I chose the BELIEVE key because she needs to believe in herself. I chose the believe key because I need to believe in her.