Don't Stop Believing

You know how when something awful happens you feel like it won’t actually be real or true if you don’t say it out loud…? Well that’s exactly how I feel.

Today I got the news that my best friend of ten years has breast cancer. You always hear about things like this happening, but you never for a second imagine it’s going to happen to someone close to you. We had been waiting all week to get an answer and of all things it turned out to be the dreaded “c” word that no one wants to hear. Cancer. The second I heard all reality quickly melted away. I felt faint and sick to my stomach. I immediately left the library to get a breath of fresh air and to see that yes, the world was indeed still turning and people were still going about their everyday lives. I’m not even the one with cancer and my whole body aches with pain, anxiety, and confusion. Why? Why her? Why do the best people in life get the toughest obstacles? Why? It doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t think it ever will. I feel the word “why” burning in my brain. All I want is an answer, but I know I will never get one.

I decided to pass along my "Believe" key to my best friend of 10 years, who was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 3, 2015. At only 21 years of age this has been quite shocking and sad. I want my best friend to always remember to believe that she has all the strength in the world to fight cancer and kick it's butt. I want her to believe that each and everyday in the months to come that it will all be okay in the end. I want everyone supporting her to believe that she will conquer this and come out stronger than before. "Don't stop believing," you got this Amy! I love you my dear friend.

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