Hope for Better

I received my second "HOPE" necklace after giving my last one away to my friend Megan. I had been struggling with depression and I was in a very rough part of my life. The necklace served as a constant reminder to keep hope in the back of my mind. Even when I would have bad thoughts, hoping would remind me to consider positive things too. On one particularly bad night, my friend came over, picked me up, and took me to a girl's house (I had not seen or spoken to this girl since the 6th grade). When we arrived, she was teary and visibly sad. Her boyfriend had cheated on her and she felt betrayed and useless. We shared our stories for hours and grew very close in just that one evening. A few weeks later, after getting back together with her boyfriend and breaking up again, she came to my house sobbing and considering going back to him. I gave her my necklace and told her to hope for better. I wanted her to have hope that things will get better and she could be independent. She took the necklace and hung it on her rearview mirror in her truck so that if she is considering driving to his house, she will remind herself to have hope for her future, which does not include him.