As A Beautiful Reminder...

~We’re scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth / So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you. ~Lupe Fiasco, “Words I Never Said”~

Speak the truth anyway, in every opportunity you get. Don’t be scared. Don’t be silenced. Be you. Not only are you doing yourself a great service, but never underestimate the power your truth can have on others. If you don’t share all that you are, all that you might be scared to reveal, you are denying others the opportunity to connect with you and your experiences. We learn so that we may teach. Reveal yourself to everyone you meet and revel in the particular brand of “truth” that everyone reveals to you.

I find change easier when I have a constant, visual reminder – until the desired behavior becomes second nature. And since speaking my truth involves not just choosing the correct tense, or the right sequence of events … since it involves trusting that I am ALWAYS enough, I went ahead and ordered an AWESOME, custom-made necklace from The Giving Keys: it reads TRUTH.

To Respect US (the collective: me & you) Through Honesty

I will wear it while I’m writing or when I’m in a new circumstance that will test my commitment to staying true and representing myself as honest, in all ways. And when I feel brilliantly confident in my ability to speak only truths I will do as The Giving Keys ask and I will pass it along to someone I come across who has unnecessarily disengaged herself from her absolute truth. Not someone who “lies” or engages in “deceptive” behavior – I have no room to judge or assess others; no, I will find someone who has expressed to me their lack of confidence in their true self, someone who has expressed to me their need to hide who they are from the world. I will know that this person needs to shine their light bright for the world to see and I will pass along this message. Choose the truth. Be your truth. Live your TRUTH. The world needs it.

Starting now,

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