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I’m a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. I broke up with my best friend/girlfriend of almost 6 years over 4 years ago and I swore to myself that I would take care of myself and have faith until the day I meet someone who will change my world and give me a purpose once again. My break up wasn’t easy for me and I harbored a lot of emotions inside for a while, but ultimately I knew no matter how much love I had for the person, she wasn’t right for me and I knew time would heal me until someone comes along and pump life back into my heart.
I was always worried how long this would take because I am not someone who settles or puts my guard down quickly. I feel relationships are each learning experiences that help you discover what you want in your life. I’m at a point in my life that I know very well the qualities I want and most importantly I’ve always wanted to meet someone who can understand the magnitude of what I’ve experienced so we can understand one another in ways others can’t relate; which isn’t easy given the length of my longest relationship. I discovered who I am rather quickly after I was on my own for about 3 or 4 months because you learn a lot about yourself when you are on your own. You just have to have faith that everything will be fine. Since then I have made my life about always doing the right thing and always keeping faith in being true to myself and others.
This past weekend I came across the most fascinating, magnetic and beautiful person that I’ve ever met. I’m a very social person, who loves to make new friends, but this person immediately felt different from anyone I’ve ever known and I came across feelings very foreign to me that I’ve only felt once before right when I first met someone which translated to something very rare. I think this person I just met is rarer than ANYONE I have ever known. She completely blew me away in every way and the more we spoke the more I wanted to listen to her, the more time we spent the more I didn’t want it to end. I’ve always believed that I would meet someone like this but then out of nowhere she presented me with a giving key as a gift.
I looked at the key and when I saw the word “faith” on it, my heart dropped and I tried to play it cool because I know how off our timing is right now. I know that in life two things: 1) timing is everything and 2) the harder it is to attain something, the longer you cherish it. This key means a lot to me because I will keep faith until our path cross again because I know they will. I say this because I was in similar situation a long time ago and I kept my faith that it will work out when the time is right and it did. The fact she gave me this key transcends my beliefs in a way I cannot explain except that I just know something lies ahead when our timing is right. It’s crazy to me that I was given one of these keys and I plan on paying it forward and make sure others receive keys with all kinds of meanings to give them a hope and inspiration like I’ve been given. I carry my “faith” key everywhere I go because there is a very special reason I was given it. Everything happens for a reason.




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