Love Is All You Need

I ordered my giving key engraved with the word “love.” I chose this because I thought there was no stronger word and we can all use a little extra love sometimes. After all, what are we without it? When I received my key in the mail I was so excited to wear it and show it off and tell people about this organization and the message, but I was a bit hesitant to consider giving it away because I liked it so much for myself. I got over those selfish thoughts pretty quickly though when my friend came over about a week later. She had recently been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and I knew she had been having a rough time at home. We were sitting on my bed talking when she received a call from her mom–she wasn’t coming home that night because her dad had gone on another one of his violent rampages. Being the oldest girl, her mom told her to go home and make sure that everything was taken care of while she was away. My friend hung up the phone and put her head in her hands. I knew what I had to do. I hopped off my bed, taking the key from around my neck, put it in the little red bag it came in and handed it to my friend. She cried. We hugged. She’s doing a lot better now. I know it wasn’t all the key’s doing, but I don’t think the reassurance hurt one bit.