I lost my 20yr old son in an car accident over a year ago~ His story is a beautiful one – he lived a lifetime in 20yrs, shared his LOVE with all. Mitch believed in giving back from the time he could talk – we are keeping his love alive with the love he shared. Most recently at a “life celebration” in his honor to raise money for childhood cancer among other charities and events. Through this past year I have met most of Mitch’s friends and the diversity is amazing…. ONE, really touches my heart so sweetly ~ his love for Mitch is just “real” bone deep – the pain that Phillip carries is such a load – When I saw “The giving keys” I thought my heart would explode – Mitch had wrote a store when he was in the 6th grade comparing his life to the “The Giving Tree” WOW …. at the sweet simple love that just tied everything together — I ordered a key with “Family” on it – Mitch stood strong in belief “once family always family” a forever love! This time here on earth – living without him is made so much sweeter – sharing the LOVE he gave ~ My gift of the key to Phillip is to remind him – within his SMILE that (he) shares is the love and friendship they shared – its just a little easier sharing “your” LOVE!! Thank you Phillip for being a part of the “Family”