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Giving Strength

I gave away my first Giving Key today to a beautiful mother and woman of Christ.

Three years ago this Jan. 16th, the woman and her family lost their daughter/sister to an automobile accident. The young girl that was killed was a senior in college who loved Jesus, had a beautiful singing voice, a wonderful glow about her, and was a true example of someone who cares for others. She was a music education major and had just finished student teaching for the day when she was hit.

A few months ago the family went to court to settle the charges that would be given to the young man that was responsible for the loss of their daughter/sister.

That day, the young man that took the life of the young girl walked out of the court room without any charges against him.

All that he was given was a number of hours he must complete for community service and the lyrics to a song that had been written by the brother of the young girl that passed away.

This family is a true example of Christ.

I gave this woman a key that had “Strength” written on it.
I knew that it was going to be a hard week and weekend for this mother having to be reminded of all the heartache, pain, questioning, and sadness that was brought upon her and her family 3 years ago.

May the “Strength” she needs this weekend be received from the love and comfort of Jesus.

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