This Too Shall Pass

Well, since 2009, my life has been a wild roller coaster. I will do a ‘little’ timeline to show how my life has been!
-My dad, which was my hero, got terribly sick
-Dad blamed my mom and me for everything going wrong
-He got feedup and moved back to Brazil for ‘his health’
-My mom and I had no choice to move into a room
-In the room, I had 2 seizures. One I had the flat iron with me. That left 2 degree burns on my left arm and 1st + 3rd degree marks on my left leg
-Dad didn’t care!
-I went through a heavy depression
-Cousin moved in the room with my mom and me
-Mom soon began drinking heavy
-Cousin soon reported my mom
-Almost got taken away from my mom
-Cousin moved out due to my mom and her fighting all the time
-Dad came back
-After 9 months, I moved into a actual apartment again (While moving mom had a seizure!)
-Dad soon moved in with us
-Fighting between mom and dad started again
-Fighting between mom and dad got WORSE
-Depression also got worse, even thought about killing myself
-Mom had another seizure again
-Mom kept drinking heavy!
-Dad wasn’t working as much
-Mom wasn’t working as much too
-The worry of my parents’ health, money and all that started to stress me out
-Found out my favorite cousin was pregnet!
-Dad and mom continued to fight A LOT
-At my cousins’ baby shower, mom had ANOTHER seizure
-While at the hospital, I was basically alone (My dad kept making an excuse for not coming and staying with me)
-Family said that were gonna send my mom to Brazil to take care of her
-Mom refused to go to Brazil without me, family got annoyed that her and ME!
-While my dad was gonna go to back to Brazil
-Family kept putting A LOT of pressure on me, depression kept getting worse
-Dad went to Brazil, left me to take care of my sick mom by myself
-Dad came back for a week, then went back to Brazil FOR GOOD this time
2012 (present):
-My mom again was no choice to move into a room again
-Mom is getting more jobs
-Dad doesn’t seem to care about me
-My favorite cousin told me that she might move to North Carolina
-Everything seems to be falling apart!!

Through out all that, I have learned to be a strong person. So I just ordered the ‘Strength’ key. It for me to know all you need in life is strength. Within strength, you can overpower anything no matter if it physically or mentally. The key is a reminder for me, that no matter what I’m going through in life. I just need to stay strong and things will get better. So I got this key is for me to look that and remind me to be strong everyday, no matter what is going on. If you are going through something I’m going, just remember to stay strong beautiful, things will get better. God does things for a reason! Just stay strong beautiful! <3