A Father's Pain Turned Motivational Story

Today a man came to talk to my middle school for our annual bullying week. He wasn't like our regular speakers though. Jim Williams (http://www.callmejim.org) told the story of a man named Roy who was dictated a loser all his life. Roy got really drunk one Saturday night- drank for six hours- but when he left the bar, no one stopped him. Roy was going VERY fast down the interstate, and got into a car crash with six other cars. Roy was fine. Jim's son was not. Curt Williams died at nineteen years old because Roy was bullied. Because Roy was a "loser" and no one cared enough to stop him from leaving the bar. 

I'm giving Jim my Giving Key that says, "Stand Up," for inspiring me to not ignore the fact that actions have consequences, that can effect more than you may think.