There Is Hope

For Valentines Day I gave my girlfriend a key with our initials and the word HOPE. She has this tendency of brightening everyone’s morning when she walks through those doors – everyone at our work adored her presence. Every time I’m working behind the desk, I watch her associate herself with these unfortunate ladies – laughing with them, giving them a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, listening to their problems, and so much more. She has a big heart. But this girl is very shy, shy to the max; she wouldn’t come to our lunch meetings at first until I brought her along with me. She opened up a little bit – sharing her interest and goals. From then on, every time I would work with her, I’d ask her questions pertaining to her likes and hinting that I have a crush on her. It took awhile for her to open her eyes to find my nerdy self undeniably attractive. We became great friends then developed our relationship further. As I mentioned above, and I shall repeat it once again – this beautiful girl has a BIG HEART, she would do anything and everything for anyone but yet no one has truly appreciated her until she started working at this non-profit. She gives more than she takes; she doesn’t expect anything from anyone except to be LOVED. I don’t know why no one has ever taken her hand and made her feel loved. This girl deserves a lot, and so it is my duty to fulfill her hopes of showing her how it feels to be loved. I want her to keep hoping, and to believe that miracles can happen. 

As one of her favorite artist would say, “There’s hope! It doesn’t cost a thing to smile, you don’t have to pay to laugh” –India Arie.

- Ally 

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