Art Love

Recently I went to a funeral, no one likes going to funerals. This one was different; it was full of love! It was for a gentleman that I worked with, Art Love. He was a humble and gentle man, and was a big teddy bear with a strong faith. Showing up to the funeral was like others I've attended. You enter tentatively, saddened by the occassion, wanting to pay your respects. There is nothing you can say in those moments...just 'be' with the person and give big hugs.  

I was struck by the feeling when we entered. It had an 'energy' and a buzz in the room. The services began, and many touching stories were stories, about this man named Art Love. They were beautiful, inspiring, touching memories about how he created a beautiful canvas of 'art' in his family, church and community. The overwhelmig story was a 'love story'. He loved so many, and scores more loved him back. His preacher shared stories of encouragement that still cause me to tear up.  

I left that day, still saddened....but filled with hope. I had heard amazing 'love' stories about a man with the most perfect and fitting name for the life he lived...full of Art and Love. Mr. Art Love, I share my 'LOVE' necklace with your beautiful bride, Deborah.