Laura, My Amor

Her names Laura, she's amazing, beautiful, smart, short, kind, caring and lovable! We met in High School when I was a senior and she was a junior! She had a boyfriend at the time and no one ever expected for us to be bestfriends, lovers, boyfriend and girlfirend! I was there through her hard times with her ex, always talking to her making her feel better and like a princess because every girl needs to be treated the right way, especially the keepers! We started talking when I was a freshmen in college and she was a senior in high school, but things changed out of the blue! She didnt want anything to do with me anymore and it was kind of a shock to me! I missed her a lot, missed talking to her and knowing how she was doing. We would always end up bumping into each other without knowing one of us was going to be there and it made things interesting for us! It was a surprise every time and we loved it, but her ex was too demanding and she felt scared and had to in a way stop talking to me... but then 4 months passed by and we bumped into each other at a club without even knowing she was going to be there or I was going to be there! She explained everything - why things had happened the way they did and how she felt sorry! Things kicked off again between us and started to get a little bit more serious and more and more and by the time you know it, people knew us as the couple to be! Love was created between us!!! But there was one small problem, I had enlisted into the Marine Corps and she was not too happy... I am currently stationed in California and deploying in May overseas, and I decided to give her this beautiful "Giving Key" with the word AMOR on it, because she is going to need all the love she can from me while I'm gone and it is a beautiful gift that she can always wear and look upon and remind her of all the amazing and unforgettable love I have given her and hopefully will always give to her! Now only God can tell our future and hopefully it is a long lasting one! Because she is what keeps me going and I know she is whats going to keep me going overseas! Laura if you're reading this I Love You with all my Heart!

- Ricardo