From a Total Stranger, And Passing It On

I was given two keys....Strength and Trust. I was in Dallas getting treatments for a blood condition that I have and the lady (total stranger) next to me took my hand and placed both keys in it. She told me that I was strong and that I needed to trust myself and everything else will follow. I immediately put them on. I had one hand that was free, my other hand had an IV in it. I rubbed both keys the entire time I was receiving the treatments. I had a friend back home... who had an emergency surgery the month before and was really getting depressed. I felt terrible that I couldn't be there for her but I told her that I had a key for her. I gave her the strength key because she was strong!! She had been trough a really rough month but I knew she was strong enough to be okay. I later gave my trust key to my a really good friend. A friend that I just feel needed to trust herself. She recently became a business owner, opening her own salon and i wanted her to trust herself. She has always been my rock and my inspiration and I have learned to trust her over the years. I just wanted her to realize that she can fully trust both herself and me! I am still fighting the blood condition but I am trusting in my strength and I know I will be ok! Actually...I know that my friends will also be ok. I am not the best with words but I think the keys showed them how much they mean to me!