As A Reminder

I was given my INSPIRE key as a Christmas gift. I literally wore it every day thinking, "will today be the day I give it to someone?" I was waiting for that moment, that crystal clear moment to give it to the person who needed it!
I don't think of myself as someone who inspires others... I simply do my best to LOVE people the way Christ loves me! I try to live my life so that Jesus is seen in all that I do and say. I'll be the first to say, that isn't always easy! We all have "bad days." Wearing my key served as a constant reminder to NOT miss a single opportunity to INSPIRE others!

Last night I gave my key to someone who INSPIRES and blesses my life through his music! I realize that living his life on the road probably isn't easy. I hope he knows what a blessing he is. I gave him my INSPIRE key with the hope that it would serve as a reminder to him like it did for me.