Strength For the Journey Ahead

I got my key about 8 months ago with the word Strength on it. I needed God to give me strength for my daily life. I have been given so much more. So I finally was able to give my key away yetserday to my best friend. She definitely needs strength right now. She is about 15 weeks pregnant and just found out not only is her baby diagnosed with dwarfism (which is ok), BUT the baby has no bones in its legs or arms. :(

We have all been praying for her and the child and know that whatever God's will is, HE will give her the strength she needs for the journey ahead. When I gave it to her yesterday she started to cry and said this is what she has been praying for "Strength"... Perfect gift for perfect timing. Thanks again for your organization. I will be getting another key soon. Love you all and God bless.