The Day You Can Pass it On

My friend gave me the STRENGTH key because I have had a very difficult year dealing with a 16-year old daughter and aging parents. Below is a bit of the email that I sent to my friend telling her of me giving my key to someone who needed it more than I did.

I've got to tell you the story of my key. Yes, it has gone all ready. Tonight, I went to the funeral home visitation for the daughter of a friend whom I have known since elementary school. Jen, the daughter, turned 19 on Saturday and died in a car accident on Sunday... unbelievably tragic. Anyway, it was awesome to be able to give my friend the strength key. I told her that although she did not know it now, there would come a day when she would be able to pass it on to someone who would need it more than she did. I think she really appreciated it and maybe felt some tiny morsel of comfort. I know that it helped me to have something more than a hug to offer her. Thank you, my friend, for such a kind and meaningful gift.