Fighting the Good Fight

I received two keys this past August at my year anniversary of being a breast cancer survivor. The keys say FIGHT and CREATE. When my girlfriend gave them to me she said, "I know you can fight so this one describes you and I've seen you create so lets see what you can create this next year." Then I cried. These two words have been my focus for the last 8 months. I have fought to stay healthy and the emotional challenges that come with it but I've also fought to create the life that I want. When diagnosed with cancer you take a long look at your life and what you want from life. It is a new beginning to create life how you want it to be and there are moments when you fight for this new creation, the new you, the better you, the you you were created to be.

It is now time for me to pass along the FIGHT key. The fight against breast cancer is never over and you live with it throughout life but there is a beautiful friend of mine who needs it so much more than I. She was diagnosed 3 months ago and is waist deep in the fight and has a long path ahead of fighting. She is strong, courageous, beautiful and full of fight and I am passing the key to her.

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