"All She Needs To Do Is BELIEVE"

I bought my Giving Key because I thought it would be a cool piece of jewelry that would go with everything on a 20 tour through Guatemala. I chose "Believe" because it's been an important message that I've come around to in my life.

Our 22 year old son Ryan spent the past two years of his life living in Guatemala serving the people there. Recently our family had the opportunity to travel back with him to experience the amazing culture and meet the incredible people of Guatemala. One person that really stood out to me was his friend Grachy. She is a beautiful young girl of 15, growing up not only in humble circumstances, but with challenges in her family life and the challenges that come with their education system. I could tell that this young woman of great kindness, strength and beauty felt "less than." I was broken hearted that she didn't realize her inner greatness, and ability to share her beauty with others.

As we prepared to part after our first meeting I told our son that I needed him to translate for me as I wanted her to understand the message that I wanted to share with her. I told her that she is a daughter of God and that she can accomplish anything, all she needs to do is BELIEVE in all that she is and can do. While we grew up in some differing circumstances, there are also some parallels. I was able to share those with her and hope that she will learn from this veteran life woman, that she really can!

I gave away my key much sooner than I expected, but received a lifelong friend in the process. I plan to buy another soon… who knows how long I'll have it, or where it will go. Thanks for providing the key for sharing this message.