COURAGE For A New Place

I am giving my COURAGE key to a momma whom I truly admire. She is about to move her big family for the 3rd time in 6 years to a new and unknown city.

Despite all that needs to be done to prep for the move in a few days, she is assisting her two AMAZING teenage daughters run two summer religious camps. These incredible teens are in their third year of running "Princess' of God" and added a second "Super Hero for our Savior" camp this year. They are teaching our children about the Saints and God while instilling important morals and virtues. This camp is all their own design and implementation and their mother works so hard behind the scenes to make sure that all of their visions become reality.

I am so impressed with this family and will miss them. I can only imagine the fear involved in a move like this and so I hope that my COURAGE key will bring some peace and comfort to her as she and her family find a home in the new city.