Strength to Continue

This key was given to me at my mothers memorial. She was my best friend. She went in with stomach pains and was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer March 17th, 2015. She was gone on June 1st, 2015. I wore this key from day of her memorial until about 2 weeks later. As much as I had felt I had gotten attached to the key, (I would rub it when I was overcome with the grieving feeling of getting punched in the stomach and unable to breathe), one of my best friends who had helped me through the start to finish of my mothers illness, was then informed her mother had been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. I heard my mothers voice, telling me what a strong girl she raised, that I didn't need the key now that she was gone and out of pain. That she is with me always giving me the STRENGTH I will need. So I decided to forward the key to my friend. I miss my mom every day. I drove 4 hours every week of those two and a half months to be with her every moment I could. But she still visits me in my dreams and tells me she's still here. I think my friend needs the strength while her mother is still battling, more than I need the strength to continue on now that my mom is gone.

Thank you for such a well thought out product. It's a great was for us to connect to each other on another level, that doesn't involve social media.