The Healing Process

Growing up in an abusive home was very difficult. But the most difficult part was becoming an adult and not knowing why I felt so insecure, depressed, anxious and unloved. I never realized how much my upbringing had impacted my adult life. I thought I was 'over' my past and had no idea that subconsciously my past was 'running my show.' After finding a great therapist and working on my spirituality, I've come along way towards healing. My sister on the other hand, hasn't fared so well. She struggles everyday with her fears and inadequacies. Unfortunately, in addition to growing up in an abusive home, she also struggled with bullying in high school and had even considered suicide at one point. Today she is a woman who wants to heal but is scared to really commit to the process. If only she could find the courage.....that's where the COURAGE key comes in.

After a tough, but rewarding year in therapy, I have come closer to a place of peace than I ever have before. It is my hope that in passing on this key to my sister that she can find her inner-strength and finally have the courage to dive deep into the healing process and begin to bloom!