Passion for Animals

I first learned of the "The Giving Keys" from Nordstrom's. I immediately read the story behind it and loved it! I will be giving my DREAM key necklace to the manager of a very small animal shelter when I go in the morning. I recently met her when I went to the shelter and was amazed at all she does for the precious dogs and cats that have been abused, thrown away and neglected. It is a shelter in a tiny town and she does everything in her power to find them all homes and has done so for a long time now. Tabitha is very loving and caring and treats all the shelter pets as her own. It is outside and she has limited resources All the beautiful dogs are kept clean , feed and cared for. I honestly don't know how she does it. I admire her and how she goes way beyond what her job requires. I consider her a friend now and wish everyone had her passion for animals. :) It is my DREAM that one day, there will be no shelters because all animals will have a loving home. Adopt and save a life! :)))